S T R O B E R T ' S


Steps to Franchise Application

  • Step 1. Pre Qualification
    Confirm interest by submitting the following:
    • Letter of Intent Click to download
    • Sketch or Vicinity Map of Proposed Location Sheet with
      Trade Area description (if no location yet, submit list of
      preferred areas)
    • Filled-out Franchisee Evaluation Form Click to download
  • Step 2. Business Meeting / Interview
    Meeting/interview of the franchise applicant to present
    and discuss more details of the following:
    • Franchise concept and investment
    • Provide Frequently Asked Question
    • Discussion of proposed location or preferred areas
      (if no location yet)
    • Discussion of Franchise Agreement Highlights and other
      requirements of the franchise
    • Prospect submits additional documents like Valid IDs,
      passport, DTI or SEC Registration, Mayor’s Permit, NBI
      Clearance, Credit Card or Utilities Billing, etc
  • Step 3. Franchise Application and Location Approval
    • Franchisee submits a more detailed market study of the
      proposed location and if possible, submit a lease contract for approval of the Franchisor.
    • Franchisor does site visit/inspection and evaluation
      (within 1-2 weeks upon submission of location proposal)
    • Franchisor checks background and bank/financial
      records of prospect
    • Franchisor has option to charge a SITE EVALUATION FEE
      (the fee is dependent on the franchise fee, please ask the
      Structure Consultant how much it is for your franchise
      package) which is usually non-refundable but deductible
      from Franchise Fee. This fee is commonly used for
      Professional Site Evaluators Fee, Trade Area Survey
      Expenses, Per Diem, Inland Transportation, Meals and
      Accommodation. This fee excludes round trip airfare and
      travel expenses to provincial locations
    • If prospect application and location are approved,
      franchisor shall set date of signing of franchise agreement
      and payment of franchise fee Note: If no location yet,
      franchisee has option to request franchisor to find a
      location for him/her subject to a LOCATOR’S FEE of P___,
      payable only when franchisor successfully finds and
      secures a location acceptable to the franchisee.
  • Step 4. Franchise Approval & Awarding
    Franchisor approves the franchise/location and formally awards the franchise to the franchisee.
  • Step 5. Franchise Agreement Signing
    • Date of signing of Franchise Agreement is set.
    • Franchisor and Franchisee formally sign franchise
    • Upon signing, franchisee pays the franchise fee of ______ (less the site evaluation fee of P______)
  • Step 6. Pre-Opening
    Within a 30-60 days, upon signing of agreement
    • Franchisor orients and assists franchisee in processing
      business permit, mayors permit, barangay clearance, BIR
      registration, and other requirements
    • Franchise outlet begins construction
    • Franchisor provides franchisee with operations manual, as the
      basis for training, orientation and familiarization
      programs including guidance on grand opening and local
      store marketing
    • Franchisor guides franchisee as they prepare and
      coordinate requirements for grand opening and franchisee
      purchases uniforms
    • Franchisor conducts dry run of operations of franchisee
      outlet store
    • Franchisor welcomes and meets franchisees prior to
      grand opening for familiarization
  • Step 7. Grand Opening Day

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